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Agaamin Welcomes Skyinclude

Its with great Joy we welcome our partner Registrar Skyinclude to the growing list of entities where you can bag yourself an absolutely unique one a kind Smart Name that you can use to express yourself as your identity for almost everything !

Michelini is a brother and one of the OGs of Handshake. He is a one man army. I mean he “Literally” is just that !

1- He is the number one source of all major updates in the community.

2- Runs one of the most active blogs in the community.

3- Manages all twitter spaces and other intra-community activities for Handshake.

4- Created and Manages the Premier Handshake Auction Event – Flamingo Handshake

5- Now a Registrar – Skyinclude.

Some body stop this man before the rest of us run out of things to do ! 😃

Check Michelini’s post Announcing his Registrar HERE

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