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How can we access Dweb ?

Smart names will form the foundation of entities that will host content on the Dweb (Decentralised Web)

Mobiles and Tablets

On mobiles and tablets you can use Puma Browser. You can simply download the same from Google playstore or Apple store and you are all set to access the Dweb.

Desktops and Laptops


This is a free open-source resolver that can be downloaded from

All it takes is a one-time five-minute installation and you are all set to access Dweb. The instructions for the same can be found HERE.


Upgrading your DNS resolver is great option for those who prefer a non-techy solution to access the Dweb. Its free and just takes 2 mins. All you need to do is follow the instructions and you are all set to go! The instructions can be found HERE


The easiest way to access sites on all devices made on Handshake protocol is to just add the extension “” to the name. For instance, to access the name abc/ simply type in ‘’ in your browser. This option is great for public computers or non-personal computers where Fingertip or HDNS is NOT installed.

Other Browsers and ISPs.

We are working actively with stakeholders in the industry to ensure great compatibility with other existing browsers and service providers. We will keep you guys posted on the same.

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