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What is a smart name ?

Simply put Smart Names are User Names with DNS. The closest thing you might have come across to a “name with DNS” are domain names like While legacy “names” can only be used to name websites and create email ids, “Smart Names” have a significant range of use cases.

In the existing web your digital ids are given to you by centralised entities like Google and Facebook as user names. In the dWeb your user Id belongs to you and is controlled by you, so in the dWeb, namespace is something that will be relevant to all internet users. Smart names are essentially your digital ids for the dWeb. They are created using an open-source technology called Handshake. Handshake (HNS) is an open-source peer to peer root naming protocol and certificate authority that supports smart names in all vernacular languages, emojis, numbers, signs, symbols, hieroglyphics and even braille.

As the larger eco-system for this exciting new world gets built, some immediate use cases for your smart names are: –

  1. Your unique name for your avatar in the metaverse.
  2. It can be your unique wallet address just like your phone number is for UPI.
  3. A domain name for your website with email support.
  4. It will be your universal log into all the Apps in the new internet.
  5. You can do all the above across any chain of your choosing.
  6. The names are non-fungible.
  7. You can have exciting vanity emails like 😀@♾.🙏 🇮🇳 or नमस्ते@साजन.भ

While It’s almost impossible to predict the millions of use cases that will emerge once the Internet itself becomes programmable one things is for sure. Its going to be Smart!


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