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Agaamin Welcomes Skyinclude

Its with great Joy we welcome our partner Registrar Skyinclude to the growing list of entities where you can bag yourself an absolutely unique one a kind Smart Name that you can use to express yourself as your identity for almost everything ! Michelini is a brother and one of … Read more

Looking For Some HNS To Get Started?

Looking For Some HNS To Get Started? A common issue for people is obtaining some initial HNS (Handshake coin) to get started. Happy to say, a developer in the community stepped up and made one! And a nice domain name for it too ! Based off the concept of … Read more

The need for a universal online identity

The most important thing for the human race after survival is identity. All of governance, commerce and social interaction today is made possible simply because of our ability to “identity” people, places and things. On the internet this purpose is currently served by “usernames” from third party entities like google … Read more

Enable HTTPS on Handshake domains

DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE) is an Internet Security protocol to allow X.509 digital certificates, commonly used for Transport Layer Security (TLS), to be bound to domain names using Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC). TLS/SSL encryption is currently based on certificates issued by certificate authorities (CAs). Within the last few years, a number of CA providers suffered serious security breaches, allowing the … Read more

Tools, Services & References.

INSTALL macOS Linux Windows GUIDES HSD Configuration Events & Sockets Name Claims Name Auctions Wallet Setup HNS Resource Records Developing Plugins DOCUMENTATION API Docs Full Documentation PROTOCOL Paper Summary Merkle Tree Improvement Proposals Introduction Handshake is a UTXO-based blockchain protocol which manages the registration, renewal and transfer of DNS top-level … Read more

How can we access Dweb ?

Smart names will form the foundation of entities that will host content on the Dweb (Decentralised Web) Mobiles and Tablets On mobiles and tablets you can use Puma Browser. You can simply download the same from Google playstore or Apple store and you are all set to access the Dweb. … Read more

What is a smart name ?

Simply put Smart Names are User Names with DNS. The closest thing you might have come across to a “name with DNS” are domain names like While legacy “names” can only be used to name websites and create email ids, “Smart Names” have a significant range of use cases. … Read more

HNS Emoji TLDs herald the dawn of a younger and expressive internet.

So, the RESULTS of the global emoji study are out. It’s official. Here are the top five emojis in the world.1.😂2.👍3.❤️4.😘5.😢Some of the other salient highlights of the studyThree misunderstood emojis.1.🍆2.🍑3.🤡 90% believe the modern-day hieroglyphs make it easier for them to express themselves. 89% percent of respondents said emojis simplify communicating … Read more